Ledger Vault and Voyager, Bridging Trading and Custody with Ethos Bedrock

Voyager is excited to announce that we’ll be integrating Ledger Vault’s state-of-the-art asset management system into our trading ecosystem to more securely custody customers’ assets. Ledger has long been regarded as one of the most trusted custody brands in the crypto space, and now Voyager customers can have confidence that this same security is being leveraged for the majority of assets under our management.

With Ledger’s unique technology and the integration of Ethos Bedrock, our enterprise blockchain solution, we can now safely keep more assets in our custody and off exchanges, without sacrificing the speed and liquidity our customers have come to expect from Voyager.

How it Works

In short, Ethos Bedrock provides a bridge between the Ledger Vault and Voyager’s best execution trading platform. Together, the three technologies make crypto trading possible from cold level security storage without delay.

Ledger Vault is an enterprise-grade crypto asset and storage solution, utilizing end-to-end hardware and software security. Ledger’s Hardware Security Module (HSM) safeguards private keys in isolation while still enabling transactions to occur with real-time integrity validations. The operating system, BOLOS, protects the private keys as signatures may only be performed within the context of the execution of a transaction. BOLOS integrates into a tamper-resistant secure element maintained by Voyager, giving us control over the keys and coins.

When crypto wallet transfers are released, Ethos Bedrock will be utilized to programmatically create unique addresses for Voyager customers who request to deposit cryptocurrency to their Voyager account. The majority of assets customers transfer to these addresses will be held in Voyager’s secure crypto custody solution, powered by Ledger, and will be available to users of the Voyager app to trade as soon as the blockchain transaction is confirmed. Bedrock’s powerful abstraction layer makes it easy to move customers’ crypto into the vault and back again to Voyager for instant trading.

By working with Ledger and Bedrock, we can continue to expand our network of exchanges and liquidity partners without sacrificing the security of the assets we manage. This new infrastructure will enable us to support even more crypto assets, build advanced features, and offer crypto transfers to our customers more quickly.

Together, we are creating the largest crypto exchange network that gives our customers access to a global and extremely liquid market, all while utilizing the most secure custody solution in the industry.

This article was originally published on 05/21/19 on investvoyager.com/blog.

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