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Avalanche is “ an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in one interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem.” Due to regulatory and geographical differences, financial markets worldwide are fragmented. Avalanche seeks to solve this problem by imagining an “Internet of Finance” where exchanging financial products and deploying digital assets is easy and unified, allowing one to trade cryptocurrencies, equities, alternative assets, and commodities all in one place.

It is the first smart contracts platform that confirms transactions in under one second, supports the entirety of the Ethereum development toolkit, and enables millions of independent validators to participate as…

Algorand (ALGO) is officially live for buying and trading on the Voyager app!

Download Voyager today to buy and trade ALGO!With Voyager, users have the ability to invest and trade crypto commission-free, across multiple exchanges.

Algorand describes itself as “the technology company that built and developed the world’s first open, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that, without forking, provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today’s economy.” Algorand is a decentralized digital currency and transactions platform, enabling “traditional finance and decentralized financial businesses to embrace the world of frictionless finance.”

Having officially launched in 2019, Algorand looks to…

Earn outstanding interest rates on 22 digital assets as of December 1, 2020.

This month we are also offering a 1% interest (APR) booster! When you hold 10,000 VGX in your portfolio, you can earn up to 9.5% on USDC, 6.5% on BTC, & 5% on ETH.

See below for December’s interest rates and required minimum monthly average balances for 22 of our leading digital assets.

How it Works

With the Voyager Interest Program, you can actively trade crypto and earn interest at the same time with no lockups or limits! To participate, maintain the required minimum monthly average balance of any of…

Voyager sat down with Jon Najarian, Co-Founder of Market Rebellion and former Chicago Bears Linebacker. Continue reading to learn more about Jon, Market Rebellion, how it came to be, and so much more!

Voyager: Can you tell us a bit about Market Rebellion and why you decided to start the business?

Jon Najarian: Market Rebellion is our way of helping investors build a solid base of knowledge about trading stocks, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies. We’d been doing this for our own traders on the floors of the CBOE, AMEX, PHLX, and NYSE since 1989 and decided to use those courses and our instructors to educate, mentor, and coach investors and traders so that they could limit risks and…

Ocean Protocol was set out to answer, “how can we equalize access to data and give everyone the chance to participate in a new Data Economy.” Based on the early internet and early blockchain ideals of decentralization and data sharing, Ocean Protocol was founded. Their mission to unlock data for more equitable outcomes, using a thoughtful application of technology and governance, is parallel to their core values. …

Filecoin is officially trading on the Voyager app!

Buy & trade FIL by downloading Voyager today! With Voyager, users have the ability to invest & trade crypto commission-free, across multiple exchanges.

About Filecoin

Filecoin describes itself as “a decentralized storage network designed to store humanity’s most important information.” Filecoin is an open protocol backed by a blockchain, based on both proof-of replication and proof-of-spacetime, that records commitments made by users of the network with transactions made using FIL (the blockchain’s native currency). …

Voyager allows our users to trade 50 top crypto assets with USD. In this post, we highlight the crypto assets currently available on the Voyager app.

In listing assets for trading on Voyager, we consider a number of factors, including but not limited to, liquidity, market access, investor demand, and the overall function of the crypto asset.

We seek to list assets and support companies that are forward-thinking, compliant with regulations, and have the potential to contribute to the economy of tomorrow.

Here is the full list of coins to be supported on the Voyager App:

Ox (ZRX)

Ox (ZRX) is an…

StormX is working to revolutionize the future of work through their mission to improve the lives of workers around the globe. Their microtask marketplace supported by blockchain technology, makes earning simple and easy. With StormX’s increased gamification of, and the integration of blockchain technology to, the app, they are producing “Crypto” for the new gig economy.

As of August 2017, Storm Market participants have access to 187+ countries, 250,000+ monthly active users, and 1 Million+ downloads. StormX envisions an entire decentralized marketplace for tasks — the “Storm Market.” …

The liquidity, accessibility, and transparency of cryptocurrency are both its greatest strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in today’s world, your cryptocurrency is an incredibly valuable asset to criminals as they use these features to their advantage. Because transactions are highly liquid, portable, and impossible to revert, scams have flooded the digital realm. However, there are many simple ways to avoid these scams while also enjoying the benefits of cryptocurrency. Let us show you how to keep your funds safe.

Technical Support and Impersonation Scams

Fraudsters set up scam customer support phone lines and impersonate a variety of companies in the finance, tech, retail, telecom, and service…

Voyager sat down with Witek Radomski, Enjin Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Keep reading to learn more about how he got involved in the crypto industry, what’s on the horizon for Enjin, and more.

Voyager: Tell us how you first got involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Witek Radomski: I first heard about Bitcoin in 2011, from a futurist friend of mine. I tried out the old Bitcoin-Qt wallet and one of the early Bitcoin faucets, but I wasn’t impressed with the usability at the time. I later started hearing about Bitcoin more and more in 2012 and met a few people running DIY mining rigs. After learning about how it worked and…


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